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Lebanon County State Reps/Senator TELL Gov Wolfe that their county is opening! What say YOUR County Reps/Senators? #END THE LOCKDOWN, #NO MORE EXCUSES
It's a justice issue...END SCHOOL PROPERTY TAXES NOW
Where's Senator Judy Schwank? NO REPLY for our Property Tax Rally February 3rd while these folks lose their home!
The word from very good sources is that Turzai is not re-running, and likely will not be running for governor as many of us have expected.  Who he is replaced with will be of extreme importance.

I'm told that he was not gaining the support from his caucus that he thought he would have for a potential governor race.  Part of that has been our recent efforts to put heat on OUR reps for continuing to vote for him for speaker.  He has been a huge road block for property tax elimination.

In response to our pressure, some Reps have been demanding that Turzai change his stance or he won't get their support.  Other reports say they really don't believe he's electable on a state-wide level, something I and others in our group(s) agree with.

IT IS IMPERATIVE that we begin contacting our local reps NOW to demand that Turzai is not replaced with another speaker who will be a road block for property tax elimination.  

If we allow them to vote in another enemy of our cause, they will continue their same excuses.  We need to make it clear that THEY will be held accountable for their vote, and we will accept no excuses.  

Tell them we expect them to not accept any "deals" or "promises" of future consideration on our cause in return for their vote.  We've been down that road before.  We're not falling for that, nor will we accept that as an excuse for voting for anyone who has a clear track record of being opposed to elimination.  

Tell your reps they need to judge any potential candidates on their past record, not some false future promise.

This is of utmost importance, and the future of our cause depends on it.

PLA President,
Ron Boltz
Tonight at 6:30 PM, Berks County Patriots will host our President Ron Boltz who will speak on the Property Tax debacle. Join us at the Leesport Farmer's Market. We will have a table and a HUGE surprise! Good things are happening!

The Pennsylvania Liberty Alliance is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, single-purpose citizens’ organization dedicated to preserving and protecting our Constitutional rights through an aggressive program designed to mobilize public opposition to anti-liberty legislation, and public support for pro-liberty causes.
We are partnering with other groups to deliver political pain to legislators who oppose our cause, and replace bad politicians who do not treat us, our freedom, or our tax dollars, with utmost respect.
We are providing financial support and training to other groups, and we are planning efforts in 2020 to uphold property rights, defend our 2nd Amendment rights, and hold politicians accountable for not only their bad actions, but also for inaction on their campaign promises.
Our 2020 efforts in carefully selected Legislative Districts include:
* Printing, delivering and mailing thousands of pieces of literature.
*Media advertisement: Radio, Newspaper, Facebook, etc.
*Renting venues for Townhalls
*Door-to-Door mobilization
Visit our website:  “Like” our Facebook page. 
PLA is a non-profit, 501(c)4 tax exempt political organization. Donations are NOT tax deductible.
Tell Berks County and all House Republicans to stop supporting Speaker Turzai who holds our homes hostage! END SCHOOL TAX NOW!!!
Ain't That The Truth!
And taxpayers are the unwilling host!

We just found out there is a House Education Committee hearing Tuesday, June 4th at 10:00 at the Capitol. The Committee is primarily Republican.

The subject is lowering the compulsory education age in Pennsylvania from 8 to 6 (or 5?).

There are many good reasons to oppose this initiative.
Also, Pennsylvanians should ask themselves why this specific education issue, of all issues (there are so many!), is getting a hearing now?

We have new Education Committee leadership in the House and Senate:
Curt Sonney in the House (Erie) (717) 783-9087
Wayne Langerholc in the Senate (Cambria, Bedford, Clearfield) (717) 787-5400

Reasons to oppose this initiative:
It is an issue in search of a problem.  Are there 6 and 7-year olds running around in the streets without adult supervision?  
Most children get enrolled in public Kindergarten already without it being mandatory.

Who does this effect?  Property Owners/Taxpayers and Home schoolers!  Because of the higher the compulsory age, home schoolers do not have to file the arbitrary and bureaucratic paperwork that is required for their 5-7 year olds, so it helps them tailor early education programs to their children’s and families unique needs, lifestyles and interests, as it should be.  There are more resources than ever before for home schooling families online, and that is a positive development for our kids.

Lowering the compulsory age will also unwittingly expose more younger children to Common Core, as many will choose public or private cyber schooling options that are aligned with the Core.  Many education experts believe the Core standards are inappropriate for younger children, increasing expectations and demands on children before they are developmentally ready, potentially creating problems for them down the road.  It has been shown in earlier studies that forcing children into schooling before they are ready is associated with learning disabilities later on in school.
(Finland has a higher schooling age and they perform better on international tests.)

School Property Taxes keep rising and Public schools are going bankrupt, and they will take us all down with them. If passed, this becomes ANOTHER unfunded mandate.

One way we can achieve significant savings and improve the quality of education is to encourage families to choose private early education options, not public, and incentivize private schools to expand their offerings.

The state pension underfunding crisis is heading towards bankrupt public education (see former State Rep. John McGinnis’ book Future Forsaken).  Policy makers are going to be looking for ways to pay for pensions and save money elsewhere.  There is already a robust early education private market, with a variety of styles and environments to choose from.  This is a perfect opportunity to expand this market into the Kindergarten space and remove it from the public domain, which could save Pennsylvania taxpayers potentially billions of dollars while improving early education opportunities, choice, quality, and private sector job and business opportunities.

End School Property Taxes NOW
As the pension crisis comes more to a head, expect to see more education battles, and competing interests vie for limited public funding in an attempt to secure their micro-interests in the education space.  

Call these House Education Committee members NOW and tell them to leave the compulsory starting age for school well enough alone and start focusing on fixing education and pension funding. 
Sonney, Curtis G. (717) 783-9087
Republican Chair
Roebuck, James R., Jr. (717) 783-1000
Democratic Chair

Republican Majority
 Gleim, Barbara, Secretary (717) 249-1990
 Brown, Rosemary M., (717) 260-6171
 Ortitay, Jason, (717) 787-1281
 Tobash, Mike, (717) 260-6148
 Topper, Jesse, (717) 787-7076
 Gaydos, Valerie S. (717) 787-6651
 Gillen, Mark M. (717) 787-8550
 Hickernell, David S. (717) 783-2076
 Jones, Mike (717) 783-8389
 Kail, Joshua D. (717) 260-6144
 Knowles, Jerry (717) 787-9029
 Puskaric, Michael J. (717) 260-6122
 Schroeder, Meghan (717) 705-7170
 Staats, Craig T. (717) 783-3154
Democrat Minority
 Isaacson, MaryLouise, (717) 783-8098
 Kim, Patty, (717) 783-9342
 McCarter, Stephen, (717) 783-1079
 Miller, Dan L., (717) 783-1850
 Mullery, Gerald J., (717) 783-4893
 Gainey, Ed (717) 783-1017
 Hill-Evans, Carol (717) 787-7514
 Madden, Maureen E. (717) 787-5811
 Solomon, Jared G. (717) 787-4117

Tell them to stop kicking the can down the road! Tell them to take responsibility for passing unfunded mandates! Tell them to start focusing on what actually needs to be done… End School Property Taxes NOW

For Life, Liberty and Property

PA Liberty Alliance
I am writing today to urge you to consider voting for only one candidate for Superior Court, and that candidate would be Rebecca Warren. While we can vote for two candidates, we do not have to, and there are advantages to casting only one vote.

Warren has once again been cast aside by the state GOP party establishment and special interests. As has happened before, party leadership made sure to “endorse” two other party insider candidates in an effort to keep a true grassroots candidate, whom they knew they could not control, from winning.

Because the other two candidates are the party favorites, even though one is grossly unqualified, they have a built-in support system to give them an unfair advantage, in the form of money, access to the party database, and help from committee people. In fact, State Committee people who were courageous enough to support Warren and fight back against Val DiGiorgio and party insiders, were denied access to critical data, even though Warren is also running as a Republican.

Casting a vote for either of these two candidates is casting a vote for Rebecca's competition, and makes it much more difficult for her to win. VOTING FOR ONLY REBECCA WARREN HELPS TO OFFSET THIS!

We have a rare opportunity to select a candidate who is running for all of the right reasons. Rebecca left a very successful legal career after her father and brother were killed by vehicular homicide, and the person responsible had political connections. Knowing full well that political connections can, and do, lead to a lack of justice for the victims, she feared this could be the case with her beloved family members. Rather than allow that to happen, she worked tirelessly to prevent it, and has since taken up public service as a District Attorney to keep this from happening to other famalies.

Unfortunately for Pennsylvanians, the state GOP cares more about insider politics, and getting their hand-picked candidates elected, than they do about how qualified these candidates are, or whether they would be the best choice based on past performance, experience, and policy positions. 

Rebecca Warren is running due to a true passion for justice, not because special interests like the Commonwealth Partners Chamber of Entrepreneurs sent letters and twisted the arms of our state GOP committee people.  Let's show them that We the Voters want to choose our judges, not party insiders who are only looking for opportunities for themselves.

Ron Boltz
PA Liberty Alliance
School Property Tax is flat out wrong! Even after paying off your mortgage, you are still held captive by the establishment.
Legislators get another raise while 10,000 folks lose their home EVERY year in PA...this is disgraceful...thanks GOP leadership!
Hey Senator "Tommy Boy" McGarrigle, remember that time at the Capitol when you became a turncoat on SB76 and you told us we had 3 years to think about your next election? Yeah...that was great!

    Votes: 60,127
    Votes: 50,835

After knocking on over 20,000 doors, running many, MANY newspaper/Facebook ads, rallying at his office, hi-jacking the Senior expo, sending thousands of mailers and confronting him publicly...TOM WAS TEPLITZED!. THANK YOU 76ER VOLUNTEERS AND DONORS!
Wagner signed the pledge to support PA Property Tax Elimination back in 2017.

Where is Governor Tom Wolf?.......crickets....
He's had four years to act in defense of PA taxpayers!
We finally found Governor Wolf....hiding under his desk!
Just kidding!
Wolf was a no-show when we delivered 30,000 Property Tax Elimination petitions.
Tell Him to Level With Taxpayers >>>
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Why will Wagner stand with us and Wolf hides from Property Tax Elimination supporters?
Demand Wolf Answer >>>
Wagner is supporting Property Tax Elimination, where is Governor Wolf?  Isn't he supposed to be a champion for the middle class?  What better way to fight for all of us then to support property tax elimination?
Tell Wolf to Level with PA Taxypayers >>>
Pennsylvania Liberty Alliance