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We have all seen politicians lie or go back on their word. We want to hold Pennsylvania politicians accountable for the promises they make. If they go back on their word we want to communicate this to the public so they are known to be dishonest. Help us in our mission of keeping politicians honest.

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    Recent Updates On Dishonest Politicians

    Below are a few updates and articles on our efforts regarding politicians nad holding them accountable.

    Hold PA Politicians Accountable

    Holding Pennsylvania Politicians accountable goes well beyond Facebook posts and articles on our website. We seek out politicians who made campaign promises and ask them if they will do what they said they would. Our efforts are to remind them they must honor their word or they will lose their support from the people.

    Corruption is ever-present in Pennsylvania's state government in Harrisburg. Pennsylvanians have not been well served by legislators who cast their votes to feather their own nests. Many public servants have, as their primary concern, to ensure their re-election at whatever the cost. They are terrified of casting a vote for any controversial legislation, for fear of losing the next election.

    Thus, crucial legislation vital to the well-being of Pennsylvanians is left to die on the vine, without ever getting a vote on the floor of the house or senate. Monied interests like powerful labor unions have a veto over important legislation. And courageous legislators who follow their conscience are slapped down and punished by powerful party leaders in Harrisburg.

    Holding politicians accountable requires continually watching the actions of our politicians and recording what they had promised. Help us to hold our Pennsylvania government accountable.

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